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Let’s face it; the World Wide Web industry is more competitive than ever. Increase your skills in World Wide Web exposure and put your item before the right viewers, on the right route, at the right point in their journey.


The rising trend of digitizing businesses has created the need for a new kind of professionals: ones well-versed in the business and art of digital marketing. These people possess the knowledge and the skills necessary to harness the power of the Internet for the purpose of creating effective email advertising campaigns, community blogs, web pages, social media postings and more, all aimed at successfully connecting with today’s internet-savvy consumers. The demand for knowledgeable digital marketing professionals is growing exponentially


You can count on CODEPOINT Digital Marketing.



Basics of WordPress

Search Engine Optimization

Email Marketing

Quora Marketing

Google Analytics

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Google Ads

App Marketing



Regular batch: 60 Days (3 Hrs. /day)

Fast track: 30 Days (5hrs./day)